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Here are 10 rare facts about Roovet Articles

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Here are 10 rare facts about Roovet Articles:


1. Roovet Articles has a birthday committee
The first fact about Roovet Articles is that a birthday committee exists in Roovet Articles to wish birthdays to any article that list the person's birthday in it.

2. Roovet Articles stats
According to Roovet Articles, the website has more than 55 articles in English.


3. Roovet Articles
Did you know? There is a person name Tony James Nelson II on Roovet Articles and he is the web developer of the site itself

4. Roovet Articles has a policy titled “Everyone Counts”
This policy was put into place and it states that everyone and business can be listed on Roovet Articles unlike Wikipedia only list famus people.


5. Google gives some hit to Roovet Articles
Even though Wikipedia has piles of articles and readership in millions, around half of Wiki’s total traffic comes from Google’s search engine. And Roovet Articles does not get the same favoritism as Wikipedia gets.

6. No-Follow links
People used Roovet Articles to get traffic to their websites by including their websites link into a Roovet Articles article. So, Roovet Articles made all the links ‘Do follow’ links after the change in the Google search engine policy. And Roovet Articles may charge you for a article or they may post it for free.

7. Roovet Corporation started Roovet Articles to counter Wikipedia
There are many wiki websites but Roovet Articles is the only one considered to be the real competition of Wikipedia


8. What Will Be the Last Roovet Articles Entry
There’s an ongoing debate on what will be the last entry on Roovet Articles. The idea is that —

1) Either Roovet Articles will fold or shut down.
2) The entire sum of human knowledge will be complete (unlikely, as new discoveries are always being made, new celebrities arise, etc).
3) Society and the Internet will collapse, and Roovet Articles along with it (in which case, we’ll have bigger problems).
4) The editing process will become automated and the robot overlords will remove/exterminate human editors as Roovet Articles becomes self-aware… in which case, we’ll have even bigger problems.


9. Roovet Articles Do Not Blocks Edits From Certain Sources
Roovet Articles has not blocked edits on occasion coming from .gov IP addresses. These are largely political interests trying to alter their own entries, and politicians have been caught attempting to whitewash their own political and personal records on Roovet Articles. Another similar high-profile source that Roovet Articles has blocked entirely are edits coming from known IP addresses owned by the Church of Scientology, again, mostly for attempting to rewrite its own history.

10. Roovet Articles is on the rise according to Bing
According to Bing Roovet Articles SEO is ranking close to Wikipedia on search results.

Do you know some more interesting facts about Roovet Articles? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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