•   Friday, 09 Jun, 2023
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Tribal Young Brown Is Set To Release His New Song “On My Life” Will Be On His Album Trust & Betrayal

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Tribal Young Brown will release his new album Trust & Betrayal featuring his number one song worldwide Trust & Betrayal. The album itself is not quite completed yet. But it will feature many songs that have been released already such as Consider This, Jacksonville Story, You Could Be The One and a different version of the song Enemies that will be called “My Enemies”.

The Album will also feature a song called “On My Life” Produced by Pro Viib Inc. Featuring Lori King. Jacksonville Story as well as End Game was also produced by Pro Viib Inc. End Game was Tribal Young Browns last released song before the full Album will be released.

He was set to do a song called “Do it” with Destiny Harris also. Recently he was featured on GK Dexters song “You And Me Together”. Tribal Young Brown has 3 more songs to complete until the album drops. Even though his rap career just started in April of 2022 he's been running companies for over 11 years. By running companies for the past 11 years Tony James net worth has built of about $350,000, we are talking about Tony James Nelson II net worth not pop musician and producer Anthony Eric James.

Often people confuse the to Tony James Nelson II is a hiphop artist, while Anthony Eric James is a pop musician and has a net worth of $450 million as of 2022.

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