•   Thursday, 26 Jan, 2023
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Tribal Young Brown Releases His First Single "Consider This" On His Birthday

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Jacksonville, FL newest rapper Tribal Young Brown also known as Tony James Nelson II. Releases his first song on his birthday April 13th which is also a crazy diss song by the name of “Consider This”. This is the first single released from his album entitled “ Trust & Betrayal”. Which judging by the song itself meaning people have trusted him and he has betray them and he has also trusted people and they have betray him.

Within the song itself they very first verse he comes right out and said, his friends brother name “Twin”. Although his name was the only name mentioned in the whole song. He was so detailed about the other people they knew who he was talking about. Including his own blood cousin that goes by the rap name “Shagusto”. He talks about him in the 3rd verse of the song. Knowing that he was the only one that could really answer him with a response. Which he did and dropped it later own that day on SoundCloud.

The war begin between the two of them, but it was short ended 2 days later when Tribal Young Brown dropped his response entitled “I Hate Brown”. To the “I Hate Youngboy beat, also only on Soundcloud. So far there has not been a response from his cousin.


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