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Template:BacklogTemplate:Shortcut Template:Hidden category Template:Empty category Here are some tips for assisting with clearing the backlog:

  • Check the history of the article. An article may have had a redlinked image added recently in which case it can be rolled back or undone. If detected the MediaWiki software will use a tag in the edit history.
  • Use tools like Wiki File Helper to view a file's past history on en.wp and commons to see if deleted.
  • Sometimes the hidden category flag is not cleared if images are added that are used by a template. Doing a null edit to the article clears the flag.
  • When removing an image from an infobox template be sure to remove the caption as well. There is no guarantee that a replacement image would use the same caption.
  • Road shield related images will often add numerous pages to this category. Please request any US shields at Wikipedia:USRD/S/R and any shields for the rest of the world at Wikipedia:HWY/RM.
  • If an image is called by an intricate template, and the image is deleted on Commons, it may be a good idea to WP:HIDE the template and hope the image can be uploaded locally under fair use, see example below.Template:Show
  • Templates in Category:Templates with missing files can add large numbers of articles to this category – As of 25 July 2021 there were 0 templates with missing files and the current number is 0.
  • Last fully cleared: 9 November 2021

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