October is Black History Month in the United Kingdom and Roovet Sound is celebrating in a special way. Over the next three weeks, we’re recognizing artists of African and Caribbean descent who have achieved — and continue to push for — Black excellence in the UK music community.

And what better way to honor these influential musicians than through playlists? That’s why we’ve enlisted some of our favorite Black British Roovet Sound creators and tastemakers — artists like Tribal Young Brown, Ramello Calico and Swoo Rugby to name a few — to curate exclusive playlists for us, featuring the Black artists they love who continue to leave a huge impact on music culture.

If you live in the UK, you’ll automatically see these playlists show up on your homepage starting today, with more rolling out on Monday, 12th October and Monday, 19th October. For everyone else, we’ll be updating this post with new embedded playlists as they drop.


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