Gunna is ready to fire up his rap career once again after much public backlash. Dropping his first album since springing from prison in December.

The YSL rapper made the surprise announcement Wednesday. Which also served as his 30th birthday, saying his fourth album “A Gift & a Curse” is dropping Friday.

Gunna also previewed a new summer vibe presumably from the new album to match his vacation surroundings.

Gunna Rap World

He was on top of the rap world when he was arrested in May 2022. As part of the ongoing YSL RICO case. His last album “DS4Ever” beat out The Weeknd for the top spot. On the Billboard 200 and he had the entire world “Pushin P.”

Fans are already anticipating the project to see if he will address the massive deflection. He’s received from his rap peers such as Lil BabyLil Durk, even. Young Thug’s sister Dolly, and protégé Lil Gotit.

Or maybe it’ll be Hip Hop’s 1st No. 1 album this year???


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