How Much Do PODS Moving Cost?

For a local move, PODS cost anywhere from $225 to $850 depending on the size of your move. And the number of times the containers need to be moved.

For long-distance or cross country moves, PODS pricing can range from $450 to $7,600 depending. On the distance and number of containers being shipped. Base costs include 1-month storage, mileage, and fuel, but do not include moving labor or packing materials.

When it comes to planning your move, working with a moving container company can offer a good. Middle ground between a DIY move and using full-service moving services with professional movers. Professionals drop off and pick up your storage container. While also transporting it from your old home to your new location. You are responsible for loading and unloading your container.

Though the average cost tends to be higher than a DIY moving truck rental where you do everything yourself. This type of move can make it much easier to get your stuff from Point A to Point B. Without worrying about the drive — especially if you’ll also need storage services.

One of the biggest names in this moving niche is PODS (Portable On Demand Storage). Which naturally leads to the question: how much do PODS cost?

While your best bet is always to get a moving quote directly from PODS. You could pay as little as $225 or as much as $7,660. Depending on the size and distance of your move. This article will give you a general rundown of what you can expect.

Average PODS pricing table

As this basic pricing table shows, there are a few key factors that can have a major influence. On the average PODS cost: namely, the distance of your move and the amount of stuff you need to transport.

Local moves are inherently cheaper than cross country moves. However, if you have a greater number of containers that need to be shipped to fit all of your possessions. Your costs can increase significantly. The base costs for a PODS rental include the mileage and fuel needed to transport your moving container. But they do not include labor or packing materials, as you will need to take care of these yourself.

PODS isn’t the only option in the moving container space. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how PODS’ cost compares to four of its biggest competitors. U-Haul U-Box, ABF’s U-Pack, Zippy Shell, and 1–800-PACK-RAT — for different types of moves.

We want to caution you that these moving container costs are just average prices. And may not reflect the quotes you actually receive from any of these moving container companies.

Every move is different, so you should get personalized quotes from every company you’re considering. So you know exactly how much they’ll charge for your specific move.

But remember, when it comes to moving container prices, cheapest isn’t necessarily best. See how the best moving container companies compare in other ways, like their customer reviews, availability, flexibility, and more.

Factors that determine how much PODS cost

While the tables in this article can give you a general idea of what to expect for moving container costs, remember that there’s no set price for a container rental from PODS or any other company. Container moving and storage companies look at a number of factors when they’re preparing a quote for your move.

Your Starting and Ending Locations

The ZIP codes that you’re moving from and to can affect the bottom line price for your move — and not just because of distance! For example, differences in availability at different locations can directly impact your pricing. How far the company needs to travel to deliver or pick up your containers, as well as local conditions, also come into play.

For example, moving in rural areas can be cheaper than in cities, because transporting containers is easier in places without traffic and tight parking. But if your location is very far from a company’s location, your costs could go up instead.

The Timing of Your Move

Spring and summer are peak moving times, which means it’s often more expensive to reserve a container during these months. And since more people want to move on the weekends, prices may go up to reflect more limited availability on Saturdays and Sundays.

How Far You’re Moving

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but the distance of your move will affect your PODs cost. The farther you go, the more it will cost, especially with container companies, where the costs associated with transporting the containers (like fuel and vehicle maintenance) are built into your quote.

How Much Stuff You Have

If you have more stuff, you’ll need more or bigger containers, which will cost more than if you use smaller or fewer containers.

Whether You Purchase Add-Ons

Many container moving companies offer add-on services, such as packing help, moving supplies, and supplemental insurance for your containers or your belongings. Purchasing any of these extras will add to your total cost.


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