New Coach &The #1 Draft Pick Make Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars could have the last laugh since they grabbed a top college coach. And have the number one pick in the NFL draft. Jacksonville finished at the bottom of the NFL in 2021. With the worst record in the league as they finished 1 and 15. This gives the team the first pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

Going into the 2021–22 season. They talked Urban Meyer into joining the NFL team after coaching powerful teams at the college ranks. Meyer compiled a 187–32 record coaching four college teams and winning a national title. With the Ohio Buckeyes in 2014 and two championships with the Florida Gators in 2006 and 2008.

“I’m ready to coach the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville has an enthusiastic fan base, and the fans deserve a winning team. With upcoming opportunities in the NFL Draft, and strong support from ownership, the Jaguars are well-positioned to become competitive. I’ve analyzed this decision from every angle — the time is right in Jacksonville, and the time is right for me to return to coaching. I’m excited about the future of this organization and our long term prospect for success.”

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In addition to Urban Meyers’s college record, Jacksonville signed him also for his name. Football players know Urban Meyer and his name alone could attract future players who want to play. For him to win the big game which is the Super Bowl. Meyer previously coached NFL players Cam Newton with the New England Patriots. Ezekiel Elliot with the Dallas Cowboys, Michael Thomas with the New Orleans Saints, and others.

Meyer has no experience coaching in the NFL but Jacksonville is taking a chance. With the number one pick, that could be signing one of the top college quarterbacks in the NFL draft.

Between Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence and Ohio State’s Justin Fields, many believe Lawrence will be the number one overall pick.

Lawrence broke the current Houston Texans DeShaun Watson’s Georgia’s high school career passing yards (13,908) and passing touchdowns (161) records. Lawrence won two state titles. As a starter and as a senior was the USA Today National Player of the Year.

Within his first year at Clemson. Lawrence started 11 of 15 games and earned the ACC Rookie of the Year and second-team all-conference honors. Lawrence was the first freshman quarterback to lead the Clemson Tigers to a national title. This past year, Lawrence and his team came up short against the LSU Tigers. Lawrence was 18 of 37 and completed 234 yards in a losing effort in the title game. He brings the winning spirit as he is expected to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Over three years, Lawrence compiled a 34–2 record for Clemson and three trips to the playoffs.

Trevor Lawrence & Jacksonville Jaguars

The NFL draft is scheduled for Thursday, April 29, 2021. Trevor Lawrence is expected to be the number one pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars with Coach Urban Meyer. There is talk of other college quarterbacks. That could be taken as the number one pick such as BYU’s Zach Wilson and Ohio State’s Justin Fields. Many professional analysts are leaning toward Trevor Lawrence as the number one pick this year.

Jacksonville has two picks in the first round as they also own draft pick no. 25 . Which they received from the Los Angeles Rams. After winning one game in the 2020–21 season. The Jacksonville Jaguars are likely to win a few more games. In the upcoming season with a new coach and a new starting quarterback.

Hang in there Jacksonville fans, the season is starting to look bright for you already. With the upcoming draft, a new quarterback, and a new head coach. Winning some more games is just around the corner.


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