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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Top 5 stress-reducing tips to prepare you for moving day

Jacksonville Elite Movers

Getting ready for a move can be a very exciting time. But it can also be a time filled with stress. And anxiety. as you prepare for the unknowns of packing up your home and moving to a new one.

Whether you’re relocating from one apartment to another, moving from your first home to your dream home. Or downsizing from the home you’ve had for years into something a little smaller. The stress of relocating can linger for many because of the unknowns and preparation it takes.

Thankfully there are plenty of things you can do to eliminate this stress! Here are a few tips when relocating that contribute to a stress-free moving day for you and keep. Things moving forward so you can get back to normal in your new space.

Have all your items packed prior to moving day

If there’s one thing you follow on this list, make sure it’s this! The last thing you want to spend time doing on moving day is packing up items in a rush. As this can be chaotic and overwhelming. As you try to figure out what needs to go where while packing it safely.

Build up to moving day with packing, going little by little each day. As you put your belongings into boxes and label them for organizational purposes. You’ll be thankful you did this beforehand so you can get right to moving when the big day arrives!

For packing tips, click here.

Create a moving plan and follow it!

Everything is easier with a plan built out to follow, and relocating is no different. Creating a moving checklist to follow in the time leading up to moving day and during the day can. Go a long way in eliminating stress, keeping you organized. Helping you track your progress, and making sure you know where you need to be. And what you need to be doing. This goes for people who are hiring professional movers. Like us and for those who are trying to complete a home move on their own. Preparation is key!

Prepare an essentials bag for moving day Keep food and drinks on hand

As you might have picked up throughout this blog, moving day can be a bit hectic. All of your items are packed away, you’re relocating stuff from one place to the next. You’re in and out of vehicles traveling to different locations. And it can be tough to keep track of what you might need. We recommend getting an essentials bag put together with a few things. You might want to have during the day like phone chargers, batteries, toiletries, and so on. You’d rather have these things and not need them instead of needing them and not having them.

Create a cleaning supplies basket

Staying with the theme of the busy nature of moving, you’ll want access to food and snacks throughout. The day to keep you hydrated and energized. It’s not always easy to get a whole meal together in the midst of a home move. And your fridge is (hopefully) cleared out, so having a bag of snacks and a cooler with. Some water or other drinks can save the day. Or, if you want to keep it simple: have a little extra cash around to order a pizza!

For many of us, the first thing we do when arriving at the new home. Is cleaning up a little around the house. The process of relocating can leave things a little cluttered. And you never know what mess might be left behind from the prior residents moving out. Having cleaning supplies on hand will allow you to clean up any minor messes as you settle in.

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These are just a few simple and easy ideas that you can follow to get ready for moving day. To view more important moving tips, visit our website.

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