My First Time Arrested

My first time locked up for the most part was just odd. I was not even made that I got caught, I was mostly in a depressed stage if anything. I was trapping at the highest stage and nobody even knew who I really was, my street name Brown was not even close to my real name. Now that being said, I was looked at as two different people the cops did not find out that I was Brown until 5 years later when I already stopped trapping. So a friend of mine Mike Jonez tried to teach me little jail things which was OK. But the only thing that was really going though my mind was I was tried, and I needed a break to get my head straight any way. I mostly slept the whole time and just ate. The state had 6 days to try to in-dict me, I choose not to go to my grand jury hearing'' Why would I ever do that, now that would be stupid.'' I remember standing in the courtroom as not one of my family members showed up, hoping that I would be ROR at first appearance. Yea so that did not happen, But the grand jury choose not to in-dict me. Not that day anyway, but they still did later. 


My first time getting locked up was very peacefully I most say, I never slept so good in my life. The food was eatable but nasty, But I know what its like to be hungry so I can almost eat anything. My arrest date was 06/26/2008, It turned out when I was transferred to the Farm is what we call it. The farm It's like a big GYM full of bunk-beds a minimal security jail, Seen my uncle I have not seen since I was a kid there. The crazy thing is how my mind was working, I played spades, chess etc. I always thought getting locked up I would be think about pussy or even smoking a cigarette. But no did not think about it not even once. I had some time to think about all the money that I made, but yet not even for a lawyer. But soon as I was released in court first thing on my mind was a Newport, pussy and how to get some money. I learned how to take care of myself at a very early age, so I know know I always had to produce money. So I went to go grab another pack and keep grinding I had to get a lawyer, eat and find a place to stay. So I was really trapped...

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