Me & Essence

I'll never forget the first day she walked into the office. I swear, it was like time stopped. She had a radiance about her, an aura that captivated you the minute she'd step in a room. I stared in awe as she walked through, introducing herself with a smile that shined like a diamond when the light hits it. Even as she approached my desk, I was still stuck staring at her beauty. Her hair flowed like a mahogany river, and her eyes were deep pools of hazel. Her skin a soft cocoa brown. I instantly imagined how soft it would feel to the touch. I didnt have to wait long, as she gave me her hand to shake and she introduced herself. Her name was Essence.

I introduced myself, and we held each other's gaze momentarily. It seemed her desire was as deep as my own. As the days passed, we became better acquainted, spending break time together, talking about our past and how we came to be where we are today. All the while, feeling the sexual tension growing between. Innocent conversation became "harmless flirting". Flirting became subtle touches until one day we mistakenly bumped into each other in the supply closet. Our eyes locked and before I knew it, I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. She responded as if she'd been waiting for me to do this for awhile. My hand slid under her skirt and up her thigh. I can feel the warmth as I got closer to my destination. Im positive she felt me "poke" her thigh. I lift her skirt and spin her to the wall, her hand pressed firmly as she throws her head back in pleasure. She grabs me from inside my trousers and begins to rub him against her warmth. Just as I am about to enter her, so deeply. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!!!!!

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