Tony James Nelson II Releases A New Clothing Line Worldwide Available For Purchase As Early As November 1st.

Although Roovet itself is a network of websites that allow people to find information of what they are looking for, And also provides business a platform to list services, goods and real-estate. Now Roovet will be its own clothing brand, That will be affordable to the public and also business looking to buy products at whole sale price for purposes of re-sale. The new brand is set to launch on November 1st and will be available for purchase across the world.


Roovet brand will be for men and Roovet Red will be for women both will cater towards athletic styles. So most customer that buy Roovet clothing will be to workout in or go jogging in. Other than the workout clothing Roovet will also have everyday clothing such as hoodies, Jeans and T-shirts with a hip-hop style to them. Most of which will be very affordable to the everyday consumer, The quality the Roovet clothing is like no other, The workout clothing is said to be very comfortable and relaxing to get a good workout in. The running shoes or sneakers are the perfect fit added to the athletic style.


Roovet Red brand will keep the same agenda as the male clothing line as far as athletic clothing go's, but the twist to the female clothing line is sexy. Roovet Red was made for the women to look and feel good during there everyday workout, during the Roovet Red photo shoot on October 17th 2020 the models said the clothing was of great quality and very comfortable to wear. They tried on serval Roovet Red outfit having the first look and feel of the new brand before the launch date. Roovet Red will provide athletic clothing, casual clothing, swimwear as well as women accessories like hand bags, wallets, mink eyelashes, hair bundles and much more.

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Tony James Nelson II (born April 13, 1987) is an American business man, website developer, actor, film director, and writer. He is best known as the Founder of Roovet Corporation, Empire Corporations, and Wolf World Global. During his career at Roovet, Nelson held the positions of chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), president. While also being the largest individual shareholder. He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs and pioneers of Amityville, New York