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2Pac - I Ain't Mad At Cha (Dirty Version) HQ

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Tony Nelson
Tony Nelson
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Tupac performing I Ain't Mad At Cha (Dirty Version) featuring Danny Boy. From the album "All Eyez on Me" (1996).

Song description:

The first verse speaks about how he lost touch with his friend, who converted to Islam, and the difference in lifestyles they chose to live:

"Now the whole sh**t's changed, and we don't even kick it
Got a big money scheme, and you ain't even with it
Hmm, knew in my heart you was the same mo********er bad
Go toe to toe when it's time for roll you got a brother's back
And I can't even trip, cause I'm just laughin at cha
You tryin hard to maintain, then go head cause I ain't mad at cha"

The second verse speaks about 2Pac being sentenced to prison. He mentions his old girlfriend and tries to comfort his mother.

"And even though we separated, you said that you'd wait
Don't give nobody no coochie while I be locked up state
I kiss my Mama goodbye, and wipe the tears from her lonely eyes
Said I'll return but I gotta fight the fate's arrived
Don't shed a tear, cause Mama I ain't happy here
I'm through trial, no more smiles, for a couple years"

In the third verse, 2Pac raps about how his life has changed from being in the ghetto to being a celebrity. He talks about his connection to the hood and how his old associates think negatively of him now.

"So many questions, and they ask me if I'm still down
I moved up out of the ghetto, so I ain't real now?
They got so much to say, but I'm just laughin at cha
You n***az just don't know, but I ain't mad at cha

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