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This is the documentation page for Module:URL

This module implements {{URL}} and {{URL2}}. Please see the template page for documentation.

Lua interface

The p._url(url, text, msg) function may be used by other Lua modules. It returns a formatted Wikitext for the given URL, made suitable for line wrapping using . It takes the following parameters:

REQUIRED. The URL to format.
OPTIONAL. Display text to put in the Wikitext link. Defaults to a pretty version of the URL.
OPTIONAL. String. If content is false, n or N, do not emit a help message (using {{tlx}}) when URL is not given.


The following module emits a prettified link to log the user out. It will wrap correctly to most widths.

local url = require('Module:URL')._url
local p = {}

p.main = function(frame)
    return url("")

return p

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