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For more information, see the WikiProject Music/Music genres task force.


{{Infobox music genre
| name              = 
| native_name       = 
| etymology         = 
| other_names       = 
| image             = 
| alt               = 
| caption           = 
| stylistic_origins = 
| cultural_origins  = 
| instruments       = 
| derivatives       = 
| subgenres         = 
| subgenrelist      = 
| fusiongenres      = 
| regional_scenes   = 
| local_scenes      = 
| other_topics      = 
| footnotes         = 
| current_year      = 


For an example of this template filled out, see WikiProject Music/Music genres task force/Infobox.



The most used name of the genre.


The name in the local language where the genre comes from.

If more than one name listed, separate them using {{plainlist}}.


ISO 639-2 code for the listed native names, e.g. fre for French.

If more than one, use {{lang}} in |native_name= instead.


Meaning or derivation of the name, e.g. [[Italian language|Italian]] for "slow violent".


Additional and alternative names that the genre is known by.

Use with discretion; discuss on talk before engaging in potentially confusing scenarios like progressive rock/progressive pop or electropop/synth-pop. For multiple entries, see notes[1].


An image that would best supplement the described genre. Since 2018, the general consensus says to refrain against using photos of specific bands and musicians.

Images should be sufficiently clear for display at 220 pixels' width. Set to only the image name, e.g. Example.png, not Image:Example.png or [[File:Example.png|200px|abc]].
For size adjustments additional parameter |image_size= can be used, the width should be entered in pixels without "px". For example, use 260 so the image would be fully embedded in the template.


Alt text for the image, for visually impaired and other readers who cannot see the image.

The optional field when the caption is not enough to describe the image. See WP:ALT.


Caption for the image to be displayed under the image.


List of genres, musical and cultural roots that influenced the emergence of the described genre.

For general rules on genres listing, see #subgenres section.


The year (or time period) and the geographical location of the genre's origins, e.g. Early-to-mid 1980s, [[Berlin]], Germany or Early 19th century, [[Mumbai]] region, India.

See notes[2] for location details, and notes[1] for multiple entries.


List of musical instruments that are typical for the genre.

For multiple entries, see notes[1].


List of influenced genres that use some of the elements inherent to the genre without being a child genre or subcategory.

For general rules on genres listing, see #subgenres section.


List of child genres that share characteristics with the described genre and fall within its subcategory.

When listing genres, aim for specificity and explicit detailing (e.g. [[Deep house]] rather than [[House music|House]] or [[Electronic dance music|EDM]] ). Genres should be separated by using commas, {{flatlist}} or {{hlist}}.[1] Genres should be wikilinked. Use piped links where needed, for example: [[Pop music|Pop]], [[Rock music|rock]]. Most genres are not proper nouns and should not be capitalized. However, the first word in a list of multiple genres should be capitalized. Genres that are sourced in the article itself do not require a source in the infobox, but sometimes it can be useful to have the source listed again anyway, to help prevent edit warring. A hidden comment such as <!-- genres listed here are sourced in the article text --> can also be used to this end if needed. For multiple entries, see notes[1].


Article containing the complete list of subgenres for the described genre.

Place only existing list articles, without square brackets, e.g. List of rock genres. The list dedicated to the parent genre of the described genre should not be placed here, even if described genre is mentioned in the list as a subgenre.


List of fusion genres that have additional parent genres, being a subcategory of both.

For general rules on genres listing, see #subgenres section.


Articles specializing in regional variants of the described genre, established within the countries or large regions, e.g. British rock or American pop.

Articles should be pipelinked as [[British rock|Britain]] and [[American rock|United States]]. See notes[2] for location details, and notes[1] for multiple entries. The list should not contain links redirecting to articles about the countries themselves, if the genre has well-known scenes without articles, it is better to leave them unlinked. Specific subgenres which have names derived out of country names should not be included here, e.g. Dutch house, because the genre is not equivalent to "any house music of the Netherlands". The same goes for articles on time periods or specific parts of the scene, e.g. Early Norwegian black metal scene), as it's not covering black metal scene of Norway generally.


Articles specializing in local scenes related to the genre, mostly existing within the cities, or small regions within a country, e.g. Madchester or The Scene That Celebrates Itself.

The list should contain the original names of the scenes, i.e. there's no need to pipelink scene names with city names. Direct links to the cities or region articles should not be placed here, use unlinked text. For multiple entries, see Notes[1] for details.


Related articles which did not fall into the categories above, or other articles closely related to the genre, including lists, dedicated to the genre.

For multiple entries, see notes[1]. Articles dedicated to musical artists usually should not be placed here.


Collects all used notes into a numbered list.

Used in pair with {{efn}} in the template, displays list of notes via {{notelist}}. To use, place {{notelist}} in the field.


Places the link to 2024 in music articles at the bottom of the infobox, dedicated to very few specific genres.

Set yes to include such links. Link will update automatically for new years, once the "<new year> in <genre>" article has been written. If no article has been written for the old year nor the new year, it will redlink the new year's article to encourage its creation. Has two optional further parameters:

The "2024 in <genre>" function assumes that the current page's title is the genre's name, i.e., if you use this on classical music, it will link to "2024 in classical music"). If that is not the case, use this parameter to specify the genre's name. The annual-update feature will work just the same.


This overrides the whole parameter, for if the desired article uses some unusual title formulation (e.g. "2010s in classical music"). If this parameter is used, the link will not update for new years.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 For short horizontal lists of two or three items, comma separators are acceptable, but for longer lists the use of {{flatlist}} or {{hlist}} is preferred as they offer a benefit to users of screen readers. Don't use other list templates or <br /> tags for reasons of accessibility.
  2. 2.0 2.1 As per RfC "Naming countries in infoboxes": When identifying a location, city or region in the United States or United Kingdom, the preferred approach is to use the country abbreviations allowed by MOS:ACRO, such as "Portsmouth, New Hampshire, US" and "Cardiff, Wales, UK", rather than spelling out the full country name. Avoid using abbreviations for states or provinces in all nations. New Hampshire rather than NH, New South Wales rather than NSW, or British Columbia rather than BC (see MOS:POSTABBR). Cities such as New York City and London may be rendered as "New York City, U.S." and "London, UK" or simply "New York City" and "London". Also, these should not be linked when the context makes it clear (see MOS:OVERLINK). If only the country name is included, it may be written out in full.


TemplateData documentation used by VisualEditor and other tools
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TemplateData for Infobox music genre

An infobox for music genres, describing the genre in its origin, instrumentality and other information

Template parameters

This template has custom formatting.


The name of the genre. If foreign, state the English version of the name.

Alternative music
Native namenative_name

The native name of the genre, if applicable.

{{lang|fr|Nom français}}

Meaning or derivation of the name.

Other namesother_names

Additional and alternative names that the genre is known by.


Image to use in infobox. Set to only the image name..

ABBA - TopPop 1974 5.png
Image sizeimage_size

Should only be specified if the image is smaller than 220 pixels width.

Image alt textalt

Alt text for the image, for visually impaired and other readers who cannot see the image.

Image captioncaption

Caption for the image.

Stylistic originsstylistic_origins

The genres that stylistically formed the genre, either parents genres or influences.

{{hlist|[[House music|House]]|[[pop punk]]|[[electropop]]}}
Cultural originscultural_origins

The cultural origins of the genre, with a year and specific location.

Early 1960s – late 1970s, United Kingdom
Typical instrumentsinstruments

The instruments that are popularly associated with the genre

{{hlist|[[Drums]]|[[vocals]]|[[bass guitar]]}}
Derivative formsderivatives

Genres that are derivative of or descend from the genre.

[[Alternative pop]]
Subgenres list articlesubgenrelist

Title of existing article, which lists the subgenres.

List of rock genres
Page nameoptional

The subgenres that descend from the genre. Genres should be wikilinked and separated by using commas, {{tl|htlist}} or {{tl|flatlist}}.

{{hlist|[[Deep house]]|[[electro house]]|[[progressive house]]|[[UK hard house]]}}
Fusion genresfusiongenres

Genres resulting from the genre mixing with another genre, i.e. subgenres of two fused genres.

{{hlist|[[Synth-pop]]|[[electropop]]|[[dream pop]]}}
Regional scenesregional_scenes

Typical locations that house the genre, in terms of regional locations such as countries.

[[British rock music|United Kingdom]]
Local sceneslocal_scenes

Typical locations that house the genre, in terms of cities and more exact locations

New Orleans, Louisiana
Other genre topicsother_topics

Topics based on the genre specified or stated.

Current year genre portalcurrent_year

Places the link to "current year in music" articles at the bottom of the infobox.

Auto value

Tracking categories