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Roovet Sound For Creators

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  Roovet Corp

The platform known as Roovet Sound was made for both creators and users where the artist can upload their music. And the fans can stream the artist's songs, this will help the artist on the platform build a new and wide fan base around the Roovet Sound platform. Artists have the ability after becoming verified to upload songs, albums  and EPs. They also can create a playlist for users to stream their music and other artist songs with theres if they choose.

Roovet Sound is a new way for users to discover new underground hip hop artists that are unsigned or currently with a small label. Creators can easily use the roo vet login at the top corner of the website to login to roo vet sound.The platform currently only accepts audio in MP3 format, so if you have a wave file we suggest you convert it to MP3. The sound of music is a relaxing sound that gives people different types of emotions. We also offer the sound of  metal music which  is very hard to find in most platforms like SoundCloud.

We are not rocket scientists and we do launch rockets into space, but if you were to ask us what's the speed of sound. We would say at 20 °C (68 °F), the speed of sound in air is about 343 meters per second (1,125 ft/s; 1,235 km/h; 767 mph; 667 kn). And we are sorry to say we do not currently offer asmr sounds angela bright or sex sounds like Soundcloud. All of the music and sound on Roovet Sound are uploaded by our creators. 

All creators are paid for their music once it meets the threshold to receive payment. Creators are generally paid $0.001 per play for each track that is played for 30 secs. Roovet Sound  will filter out any fake streams/plays automatically. Roovet Sound was built in 2018 by Tony James Nelson II giving up and coming artists a platform to post  their music too.

From bbc sounds, short vowel sounds and even schwa sounds Roovet will never tell you what you can or can upload as a creator, as long as you follow the platform terms and conditions. Which does include any hate speeches or racism of any nature. If you would like as a creator you can upload a swoosh sound effect, sound of silence simon and garfunkel or even orange free sounds as long as it is original  content that you have full rights to use.

When it comes to album or song covers you can use Roovet Drive or imgur upload to save. And then later download to your phone or computer and upload to the platform later. Roovet Sound remains one of the best places for artists to display their  music. For an artist you can never have enough platforms to display music and for a beat maker you can never have enough places to sell your beats. 

You can also sell full albums and single songs as a creator on Roovet Sound. We offer a full  store solution,  As well as pro accounts and advertisements for your songs to help build your audience of listeners.

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