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Roovet Local & International Corporation is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products[1][2][3], which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, a music publishing platform[4][5], a video publishing platform, and a clothing line[6]. Roovet is considered one of the best companies in the Jacksonville information technology industry.

Roovet Local & International Corporation
FormerlyRoovet Corporation. (2013–2019)
TypePrivately Held Corporation
  • Internet
  • Moving
  • Video Sharing Platform
  • Music Sharing Platform
  • Clothing Line
  • Advertising
  • Cloud-Based Storage
FoundedMay 1, 2013; 11 years ago (2013-05-01) in Berlin, New York, U.S.
Headquarters10737 New Kings Rd, Suite 101,
Jacksonville, Florida
Area served
Key people
  • Tony James Nelson II (Chief executive officer
  • CEO)
  • Tony Nelson Sr (Chief financial officer
  • CFO)
ProductsList of products
Revenue$1.4 Million (2019)
Number of employees
20 (Q3 2019)
ParentSoutheast Industries Corporation

Roovet [7]was founded in May 2013 by Tony James Nelson II[8] he was in Berlin, New York[9]. He owns about 100 percent of its shares and control 100 percent of the stockholder voting power through super-voting stock. He incorporated Roovet as a Florida privately held company on August 27, 2014, in Florida. And in May 16, 2016 he reincorporated as Roovet Local Corporation which operated as a local convenience store under the name Savannah's 24hr Store[10] which was name after his daughter Savannah N. Taveras. Roovet was then reincorporated in Florida on September 20, 2020[11]. As Roovet Local & International Corporation. And Roovet moved to its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.


Early years

In the early years of Roovet, Roovet was only a search engine built on php. Roovet received its search results using Google search API as well as Yahoo and Bing API's also. After some time Roovet began offering additional online services like web mail allowing users to open there own email address( and currently still do to this day. Furthermore Roovet became a online platform offering services like online advertisement, business listing directory, website builder, webmaster tools to help website owners with SEO for there website. Following Google example in December of 2013 Roovet was the second search engine in the world to build a knowledge Graph (Knowledge Box) that will appear on the right side of search results. This addition was built by Hassun Mujeeb and before Bing had the opportunity to build one.


Roovet as a company began to grow fast and expand into other industries in 2013 Roovet Corporation started three moving companies Florida State Moving & Storage which will end up becoming its own Corporation later on. Jacksonville Elite Movers which is still currently owned and operated under Roovet Corporation, and lastly Roovet Van Lines in which took care of Interstate moves. These steps took the company to a bigger level finically, To cut down on advertisement cost Roovet partnered with bigger companies like Groupon, Living Social, Local Flavor and even at a time Thumbtack[12][13] and Yelp. In 2016 Roovet Corporation opened a local convenient store in Jacksonville, Florida and Tony James Nelson II named the store after his daughter Savannah the store was called Savannah's 24 hour store, but the legal name was Roovet Local Corporation. This is known as the second Savannahs Store 5 years earlier under his New York Corporation Empire Industries Corporation was the first Savannahs Store located in Lindenhurst, New York. As of 2020 Roovet is now known as Roovet Local and International Corporation[14] and now added on a car rentals, social networks and more web-based services, as well as a clothing line.

Products and services

Search engine

Roovet search engine marks the beginning of Roovet as a company, Roovet started as a search engine and just expanded to so mush more over the years. And to this day Roovet is trying to give the most accurate search results worldwide, Roovet idea is to pull the most content available from the internet and render it to you as the most accurate information. From people, palaces, social profiles, and companies, Roovet will give you what your trying to find or what it thinks your looking for. Of course with the idea of self preservation in mind, This means that Roovet will first search its own network sites and products for what your looking for if its not found there then Roovet will search other internet based sites via domain authority and page authority in mind. So sites like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Linkedin will naturally appear in search results first, or relevant content on what your looking for will appear. So as much as many people may not currently know about the Roovet search engine, its very important that they list at the very least there business somewhere on the Roovet Platform.


Roovet advertisement platform as started shortly after the search engine Roovet and also connect to it giving advertisers the option of showing ads in search results based on what the users search inquiry. using Roovet advertising platform known as Roovet AdWords based around the popular Google AdWords, Also gives the user the option to show ads in Roovet Mail a email service provided by Roovet also. As the company began to expand so did the advertisement leading up to allowing users to advertise on any website hosted by Roovet as well as apps owned by Roovet.


Roovet Fashion is considered to be the most newest part of the company. Tony James Nelson II started Roovet Fashion or also known as the clothing brand Roovet with the intent on expanding the company it self into a new era. Roovet Fashion focuses on clothing for men and women including but not limited to underwear, socks, pants, sneakers, shirts and hats. Roovet clothing can be found on many different marketplaces like Amazon, Esty, Ebay and Wish. All products are fully designed by Tony James Nelson II and sold at a very reasonable cost.

Consumer services

Web-based services

Social Media Profiles


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