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Tony James Nelson II

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Tony James Nelson II[1](born April 13, 1987) is an American Business Man[2], Website Developer, and American Hiphop Artist (Known as Tribal Young Brown) .[3] He is best known as the Founder of Roovet International Corporation[4],[5] Empire Corporations, and Southeast Industries Corporation. During his career at Roovet, Tony James Nelson held the positions of Chairman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), President. While also being the largest individual shareholder, He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs and pioneers of Amityville, New York. But most of his success came when he moved to Jacksonville, Florida and changed the way Roovet operated business and the industries that they would be doing business in. Roovet currently does business in the Moving Industry, Fashion Industries, Car, Truck and Boat Rental Industry and many different online platforms.

Born in East Meadow, New York and raised in Amityville, New York, Tony James Nelson II [6]Founded Roovet. Most people are unaware that Roovet is labeled as the fifth company started by Tony James Nelson II, but also the most successful company. Prior to Roovet International Corporation[7], There was what was known as the Empire Corporations. The Empire Corporations consisted of 4 Companies in which all was corporations. Empire Webmasters Inc., Empire Industries Corp., Empire Studios Inc. and Nelson Designers Corp.

Tony James Nelson II
Head and shoulders photo of Tony James Nelson II
Tony Nelson in 2020
Tony James Nelson II

(1987-04-13) April 13, 1987 (age 35)
East Meadow, New York, U.S.
  • Amityville High School (dropped out)
  • Ashford University (dropped out)
  • Farmingdale SUNY College (dropped out)
  • Website Developer
  • Investor
  • Entrepreneur
Years active1987–2021
Known forFounding Roovet International Corporation
  • Chairman and Founder of the Roovet International Corporation
  • Chairman and founder of Southeast Industries Corporation
  • Chairman and Founder of Jacksonville Elite Movers
  • Chairman and Founder of Wolf World Global Corporation
Board member of
  • Roovet Local & International Corporation
  • Southeast Industries Corporation
  • Savannah Taveras (2011-03-01) March 1, 2011 (age 11)
  • Da'Nylah Nelson (2021-04-04) April 4, 2021 (age 21 months)
  • Bryana Snowden (2002-01-21) January 21, 2002 (age 21)
  • Tony Nelson Sr. (1964-05-01) May 1, 1964 (age 58) (father)
  • Sherrianne Nelson (1963-09-10) September 10, 1963 (age 59) (mother)

Early Life

Tony James Nelson II [8]was born in East Meadow, New York, to Tony Nelson and Sherrianne Nelson. Even though its safe to say he's from Amityville, New York as it is known as his hometown. He is a real Long Island child. Living in almost every town in Suffolk County Nelson grow up poor and its no secret that him and he mom lived in many shelters, including but not limited to Help Suffolk located in Bellport, New York and New Life located in Amityville, New York. Nelson grow up with both his parents, two little cousins and his older sister. He attended 3 different school districts which included Amityville, Bellport and Mastic (William Floyd). At the age of 16 in 10th grade he was asked not to return to Amityville High School. So that resulted in a drop-out, At the age of 16 he parents broke up and he was kicked out by his mother and abandon by the rest of his family including but not limited to his aunts. At the age of 17 years old his uncle Ivory invited him to live with him in Baltimore, Maryland. His uncle was a general contractor and taught him how to sheetrock, paint and a few other things. And only asked that he got a job and got his GED, which he did get a job working for McCormick in Maryland. Later on his uncle asked that he quit his job and comeback to work for him, he refused and decide to pack his things and leave instead he went back to New York. At age 18 he studied at Farmingdale SUNY College and obtained his GED and continued to College there. In Less than a year at Farmingdale SUNY College he dropped out. Later on in the same year he was hit on the corner or Great Neck and Albany Ave in Amityville, New York while riding his bike by a truck. This resulted in a $45,000.00 law suite against Allstate Insurance, In which after paying his lawyers resulted in a $29,000.00 Payment. At this time this was the most money nelson have ever seen or had at one time. At the age of 19 he brought his first car and taught his-self how to drive and also obtained his New York drivers license.

Net Worth

As of 2021 Tony James Nelson II has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars. His net worth was calculated by his business that he controls, cash on hand, property he owns, including cars, trucks, boats and yacht. Also his cash value of his life insurance and stocks that he is currently invested in. His estimated salary for running Roovet International Corporation is about $95,000.00 per year. In late 2021 Tony James Nelson retired from his companies leaving Daquan Grey to run the day by day operations. And in April of 2022 his started his new rap career as Tribal Young Brown under his own record label Roovet Records.

Empire Corporations

Empire Corporations is the first of Tony James Nelson II Umbrella companies. The first Corporation started by Tony James Nelson II was Empire Webmasters Inc. in which he started with his older cousin F. Henry in 2011 shortly after his daughter Savannah N. Taveras was born. Empire Webmasters Inc. was a web design and development company in which would build websites for other companies and also host the website and charge each customer a monthly bill for services. In the first year Empire Webmasters Incorporated average about $98,000.00 alone. Later on that year he founded his second company in which still currently operating Empire Studios Inc. Now Empire Studios Inc. is a local sound recording studio in which customers can buy studio time per hour and record there music. But thats was not all he also started in small recording label under Empire Studios Inc. called Empire Entertainment in which he signed serval different artist such as Shagusto, Swoo Rugby, M Dot, The Flow and Respekt Ova. Empire Studios Inc. Averaged about $50,000.00 per year. And is now referred to as Roovet Records. After that he set his mind on his passion of designing clothing so he created Nelson Designers Corp. The company was built in the idea of creating a name brand called Tony Nelson named after the owner, but in reality the company made custom T-shirt and other things for other companies using transfer heat (print press machine) this company only averaged about $38,000 per year and later became known as Roovet Fashion. And the last of the companies was Empire Industries Corporation, This company was built and started to become Savannahs 24hr Store and the town of Lindenhurst, New York racist council tried everything in its power to put a end to the store named after Nelsons daughter.


Tony James Nelson II

Roovet Corporation was started by Tony James Nelson II in Berlin, New York on May 13th 2013 in his small office at home. Being very familiar with the way that the internet works with names he knew he had to make up a name to be his own and he thought of Roovet. Only later to find out that Roovet was not a made up name its really a last name of a person in France. But that did not stop him he proceeded with his skills in SEO and working on Roovet's domain authority and page authority. He admired Google Inc. for the way that they generated so much revenue though AdWords their online advertisement platform. So he decided to create his own and called it Roovet AdWords and Connected it with his search engine Roovet. Than he begin to go deeper and connect other online services similar to Google and created Roovet Mail. Its no secret that Roovet was solely built on the idea of Google as a company. But with time Roovet begin to expand, First it became known a Roovet Local Corporation which it operated as Savannahs 24 Hour Store named after his first daughter located on Atlantic Blvd in Jacksonville, Florida , Later on he moved the same store to Powers Ave. In Jacksonville, Florida and renamed it Bryana's Food Mart named after his oldest daughter.

Later on Jacksonville Elite Movers also a Roovet company became a strong hold and still remains that way in the success of Roovet, using revenue generated from his moving company to fund his other business. His main idea of his online websites and apps owned by Roovet is to generate money though advertisement. In 2020 he turned his eyes towards the fashion industry and trademarked and started his new brand Roovet. Now although the brand Roovet is mainly known for clothing[9] its also sells electronics too. But as far as the clothing goes Roovet sells products worldwide, Roovet the brand is a African American clothing brand. regardless of that most of the brand sells come from White Americans and also other countries outside of the United States. Including but not limited to Italy, France, Canada and Japan.


Tony James Nelson II business career started with Empire Webmasters Inc. in 2011, He started this company with his older cousin Lisa Henry and he trained her how to build websites using WordPress CRM platform. This lead to him making her his vice president as the company grew, Web Development was his passion and he proceeded to master the skills needed in both SEO and SMM. Being so untuned into the worldwide web, he needed to understand it first before he can began charging other companies for his services. He discovered SEO, SMM, DA, and PA is the most important things that every website needs in order to be successful in on the web.[10] The most important thing about business is not just a website to Tony James Nelson II, but the money that a company must generate in order to be successful. When it comes down to business you cannot rely on one source of income, So he started more business to build more revenue. Supply and demand is the most important part of any business, ''How much to your customer base want what you are offering''. So Mr. Nelson opened up different business in different industries all as a result of generating more customers.

In 2022 Tony James Nelson II started Roovet Records in Jacksonville, FL. A new company under the Roovet umbrella this company sole purpose like any other company is to make money though music distribution. First he signed Respekt Ova and Real Litty on New Years of 2022. And in march of that same year he sign Young Montana Mafia. All artist signed a 2 year deal agreeing to produce one album for Roovet Records. Linking up with his cousin Jay Deuce as known as Jay Deuce Viibs or Pro Viibs he was able to produce some great music from the start. Real Litty made to songs to Jay Deuce beats which are "How We Live" and "Survival Of The Fittest". and Young Montana Mafia made one song to Jay Deuce beat which is "Scarlatti".

Tribal Young Brown

Tony James Nelson II also known as (Tribal Young Brown, Young Brown or Brown) is a American Hiphop artist. He is originally from Amityville, NY but currently lives in Jacksonville, FL. He is also the owner of Roovet Records and his rap career started in April of 2022, when he dropped his first single "Consider This". Consider This is one of the most disrespectful songs ever to be released under Roovet Records as he raps about a bunch of things but mostly Trust & Betrayal.

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