Trust and Betrayal

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Trust and Betrayal is a song by American rapper Tribal Young Brown, released on May 1, 2022. The song is produced by Tony James Nelson II. The song tells a story of a robbery gone wrong, involving a woman who betrays the rapper and sets him up for a trap. The song is part of Tribal Young Brown’s debut album, which is expected to be released later in 2023. The song received positive reviews from critics and fans, who praised the rapper’s storytelling skills. The song also gained popularity on social media platforms such as TikTok, where users created videos using the song’s lyrics. The song has over 27,000 views on YouTube and over 276,000 streams on Spotify as of September 2023.

"Trust & Betrayal"
Single by Tribal Young Brown
from the album Trust and Betrayal
WrittenMay 1,2022
PublishedMay 1, 2022
ReleasedMay 1, 2022
StudioRoovet Records
  • Gangsta rap
  • Drill music
  • Roovet Records
Songwriter(s)Tony James Nelson II
Lyricist(s)Tony James Nelson II
Producer(s)Tony James Nelson II
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Tribal Young Brown singles chronology
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Music video
"Trust & Betrayal" on YouTube


The official music video for the song was released on June 15, 2022, and was directed by Tony James Nelson II. The video features Tribal Young Brown and his crew as they plan and execute the robbery, as well as scenes from the anime video on Youtube. The video has over 4,000 likes and 300 comments on YouTube.

Music video

Official Lyrics

I been plotting on this pussy nigga

He from JV[1]

I got this bitch name lee lee

She tell me where he be

I'm like cool what time you tryna meet

She said let me see

I get off at 8 pick me up

Don't be late

You know

I'm not really tryna wait

I pull up she hop in the car

We not going far

She start tell about this

Nigga who be driving foreign cars

He got a few brothers

But she don't want them involved

And how I can hit him tomorrow Night that shit won't be hard

He got a diamond chain

She think it got his name

He keep I low cut

This nigga rich as fuck

He got a Bentley full of bricks

Don't think that shit empty

Im like

How many niggas do you think I need

Shе said about three

But you need to do it quickly

If he find out I told

Dis nigga gonna kill me

I need about ten bands

My pockеts on empty

I looked at her like

Bitch you kidding me

She put her hands together

And said nigga please

I just gave you a lick

To make mad cheese

I said I'm cool with that

We gonna get mad racks

I'll meet you around ten

I'll pull up in the back

I just laughing to myself thinking Greed just got her ass clapped

I say later thanks for the favor

She think imma pay her

But I couldn't thats why

She gonna get this bullet

But fuck that her time is set

But he more of a threat

But that's cool

Imma still kill that bitch next

I pick up my phone

Hit Litty like nigga you home

He like nigga I trap a lot you can

Pull up at the spot

I change rides

Hit him like nigga

I'm outside

He coming down the steps

AR strapped to his chest

Looking like this nigga wearing a vest Hopped in the car and said

Lets put that boy to rest

Thats one down I need two more

Hit Montana he like

Pull up at the store

Red flag hanging out his back pocket

Looking like he ready for war

I said where Dex at

He at the warehouse pull up in the back

I got my crew so now

Now we gotta do what we gotta do

Waiting for the drop

So we can find dude

We need to do some homework

I don't really think we know enough

Moving to fast we'll all be in cuffs

Looking stupid and fucked up

So Im sitting here trying to add shit up

This nigga supposed to be a duck

I got info from a slut

That I didn't even fuck

Point blank theres no trust

She will betray me as quick as the day be

She hit my phone

She say the nigga at home

He live over there off of kings rd

Im like whats the address

She like i don't know

I'm like what the fuck

Am i paying you ten bands for

She said I can get him to meet you at the store

I said bitch what you waiting for

She said he will be there around ten

I ask what the fuck he driving in

A black Malibu you may have seen it a time or two

She said when you done how the fuck Im gonna find you

I said we can meet a gate

After I make this play

Bitch stupid won't live to see another day

Its ten on the dot

We post chilling in the car

Constantly looking at the clock

We see the car it pull up

But a bitch hop out

Now this shit going to far

I look up and see a nigga standing behind my car

He let off shots

He got the drop on me

I see now I'm in a bad spot

I hit the gas

Now Im speeding racing up the block fast

We see cops chasing behind us

Montana the back

I tell him meet me at the spot

Me and Litty on the run

We gotta toss these guns

Thinking to my self

This bitch must of set me up

We got away to see another day

But dis bitch really played


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